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GeoPath 5.1 Enhancements


Template Management Programming

Create programs for specific cuts to be used on different programs, then recall them for future use.

Display surfaces with line through center in both directions.

Now you can see the surfaces while in wireframe in various ways to more quickly and easily see what is what.

Lathe Cut-Kind "Rough - Repeat contour”

This gives you a multiple-pass contour style of cut on a lathe. This style offsets the original contour by a user-specified distance and it cuts along the profile from the outside in.

Mill Tool-Info advanced Coolant

There many options for coolant with today’s modern CNC machines; this gives you options for coolant through-tool, high-pressure, on, off, mist, and other coolant codes.

Mill Cut-Info "Calculate chamfer info"

This will calculate the chamfer information on a milling cut, saving you time and thought.

Mill "Allow window-select for multiple-cut creation?"

In one command, select multiple contours to be milled.  This can program in perhaps half the time for parts with multiple contours to be cut the same way.

Layer-Set window in new style

Layers window has now been upgraded for better functionality; you can see and do more in a smaller space.

Sort holes into layers:

If you have various diameter holes in a drawing, Sort Holes Into Layers will enable you save programming time by automatically creating layers and separate the holes to those layers.

Dynamic Tool management·

XML Tool sheet

XML tool-library now has ability for machine-specific materials.

Changing of cnc to cnc and having the feeds and speeds update.

Dynamic Tool Management enables the user to set the tool library to various materials, as well as materials with different speeds and feeds for different CNC machines. When the program is changed to run on a different CNC, it will automatically read the tooling, feeds, and speeds and adjust them to the library for the different CNC. If the tools do not match, it will give you the option to select a different tool.

Work-Surface during making a cut

On an IGES file, it will allow you to select 3D geometry for holes as surface plane, to make it easier to drill 3D holes.

Info-Object in View-Solid left-side action-button "Analyze", "Hole-Info"

IGES files in solid view can be analyzed for holes (either simple diameters or multi-operations), and also for milling info.

Mill Macro-kind Wrap around rotary-axis

Contour the 4th axis in the graphics screen.

STL file reading, and the related new surface-kind of Triangle-Mesh

Reads STL files directly into GeoPath

Hydraulic Manifold Programming

If you do hydraulic manifold programming, please contact sales for additional data.

And many more enhancements...


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